Mark Ternent

Mark Ternent, strategist, advisor and coach says…

Mark In my business life, my passion is to see my country do well, and this will happen in part through businesses and organisations working better, smarter and with greater results for their efforts. We have existing industries that are world leaders and need to continue to get better; we have newer industries that need to show the world the Kiwi talent for innovation and practicality; and supporting them all we have a plethora of other businesses, Government departments, and other bodies and organisations. New Zealand’s success and well being comes in part from the success of all these organisations. Success of our organisations follows from clear vision, effective leadership, engaged and happy people, functional systems, and a clear understanding of who the organisation serves and how it adds value. It is in this area of leadership and strategy and the role they play in shaping action and results that I seek to make my own contribution.

There are four more things I wish to say here:

Firstly – Business is important, but it is a part of the wider community and ultimately it exists to serve that community.

Secondly – The world is changing faster than ever before and faster even than most of us realise. We can’t predict what the new world will be like, but we can open our eyes and make allowances for different possibilities.

Thirdly – Change can be scary to many, and not all the changes will be good; but change also brings opportunities and we owe it to ourselves and to future generations to think clearly and make wise decisions.

Lastly – I choose ‘Results Oriented’ because it resonates with who I am. When I first did the DISC behavioural analysis back in ’98, I was high D and high I, low S and low-medium C. Across the DISC behavioural spectrum there were 200 individual descriptors and mine was ‘Results Oriented’. My Myers-Briggs is ‘ENTJ’ and my Wealth Dynamic is ‘Creator’. Many things have changed about me over the years, but these have remained steady.

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Skills Set:

  • Creating results orientated teams
  • Drive strategy change, design and implementation
  • Results driven leadership