Hamid Ressang

Dynamics in a group are driven by ego, hierarchy, fear and friendship. During group sessions and team collaboration important feelings can remain unshared and discussions take place in the margins of the actual problem.
The group process is obstructed and gets hardly any room to get to the heart of the matter.


Hamid Ressang is in his element during those moments. He is able to  analyse the process, appoints what remained unnamed and does not hesitate to seek confrontation if needed. But always with a smile, always to serve the process. He uses the “collective voice” for both the leader and the group to facilitate the individual. Because in the end – as is his firm belief – that is what matters: creating space to come together to make the right decisions.

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Skills set:

  • Unravel belly driven obsctructions
  • Detecting emerging leadership
  • Human motivation
  • Team member engagement
  • Creating connections in a safe environment  on a vulnerable level
  • Reorganisation: effective team creation