Tobias Gerschner

As a pragmatic I enjoy hands on experience and measurable outcomes. A particular strength of mine is to identify genuine opportunities created by new technologies or methodologies and drive successful adoption within organisations.

My personal passion is to incite a spark of curiosity in our children, so that they want to understand how the world works instead of just consuming ready made entertainment.

Specialties: With a diverse background in both development and operational IT leadership roles I have extensive practical experience in overcoming cultural and technical challenges in the adoption of new technologies and methodologies in particular regarding the adoption of DevOps patterns and shared responsibility models.

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Skills set:

  • Building of successful 10x teams that deliver high quality outcomes at 10 times the pace of traditional development teams
  • Successful migration from functional to cross functional teams
  • Successful implementation to workflow automation
  • Productivity Optimisation in cross functional teams
  • Identifying individual and organisational patterns and antipatterns and mitigation strategies
  • Identification and tracking of Key Performance Indicators versus Objectives and Key Results
  • Mentoring IT leaders in successful stakeholder management
  • Successfully building remote teams across multiple continents