Have a look at this video. We use Primoforum in Europe for multinationals and any other diverse groups to quickly gather ideas, answers and opinions.   It takes away the hierarchy and is ultimately fast to funnel a problem to its basic aspects.

Primoforum is a powerful new instrument for trainers and facilitators to guide group sessions as fast and efficiently as possible in a classroom setting. From small groups to big ones. With Primoforum you can brainstorm, share knowledge, organize and set priorities. Everyone is equal, and everyone gets their turn. And the best part is, for Primoforum you don’t need to install any special software! Primoforum is fast, easy, efficient, and fun!

With Primoforum every trainer or facilitator has a powerful instrument to construct a training or work conference in a swift, contemporary, and effective way. Both small and large groups of participants can give direct input, simultaneously. Primoforum has been developed as an answer to the needs and experiences of actual users. Flexibility, user friendliness, and freedom of movement are key. No unnecessary gadgets, no strait-jacket.

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