Our facilitators play an important role in the outcome of your off-site.

We use a robust process to make sure you get the best result.

You we will meet our facilitators after we’ve made a choice for the best fit for your desired outcome. They will assess the challenge you have and decide on the process and the program your team needs.

Richard Petrie

  • Sales – Selling techniques
  • Marketing
  • Mindset
  • Persuasion influence

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Liz Ruatoto

  • Marketing strategy
  • Branding – Understanding your brand
  • Market Research
  • Understanding your clients
  • Business growth analysis  and Growth Strategy

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Hamid Ressang

  • Unravel belly driven obsctructions
  • Detecting emerging leadership
  • Human motivation
  • Team member engagement
  • Creating connections in a safe environment  on a vulnerable level
  • Reorganisation: effective team creation

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Mark Ternent

  • Creating results orientated teams
  • Drive strategy change, design and implementation
  • Results driven leadership

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Jane Feek


  • Creating clear physical and electronic work spaces
  • Improving Email, Calendar and time management
  • Information management and responsibilities
  • Result driven delegation and follow up
  • Communication improvement
  • Effective meeting management

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Dick van den Oever

  • Change-environment creator
  • Brainstorm facilitator
  • Presentation expert
  • Stance and engagement tutor
  • Team collaboration advocate

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Steve Morris

  • Executive Coaching
  • Education: skills and framework development. Training and development
  • Capability and change management
  • Happiness and engagement in the workplace
  • Effective accountability practices
  • The principles of effective teamwork
  • happiness & engagement
  • leadership development
  • work & psychology
  • human motivation
  • change management
  • postgraduate leader
  • social/emotional work environment

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Karren Kerrisk

Karen Kerrisk

  • Neuro Leadership and Neuro communication training
  • Behavioural resilience coaching
  • People development
  • Systems training
  • Change management consulting
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming training and coaching
  • Mind skills training

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Susan Handisides

  • commerce
  • team leadership
  • management consulting
  • team facilitation
  • improving effectiveness and enjoyment for teams

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Adrian Gregory

  • EQ and design-thinking approaches to engaging with clients and their contexts
  • Adept at working inclusively with individuals, small groups, team and across organisations
  • Developing leadership capability, established and emerging, at all levels in businesses and organisations
  • Organisational development and change management – refreshed and new directions
  • Skill set development, effective team working, succession planning
  • Unlocking individual and organisational insights
  • Openness and inclusivity throughout the process, and ultimately…
  • Outcomes that are SMART, and owned by the client

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Dave Brabham

  • Strategy Development
  • Business Planning
  • Marketing & Brand Development
  • Positioning Customer segmentation
  • Product positioning to maximise business results
  • Bringing new technology products to market (Crossing the Chasm)

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Julene Hope

  • Personal and organisational change
  • Leadership Development
  • Collaboration & stronger teams
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Business Planning & Stategy
  • Government programmes
  • Women in Leadership

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