Adrian Gregory

Adrian is a trainer, facilitator, consultant and coach/mentor with extensive experience of working with public and private entities large and small in both the UK and New Zealand. He is adept at working with individuals, small to large teams, and across whole organisations. He has well developed networking skills along with proven stakeholder management capabilities that he has applied successfully in a variety of contexts and sectors.

He understands and applies different learning styles, is Myers-Briggs qualified, has been a national facilitator of the Leadership Qualities Framework in the UK’s NHS, and works with a multi-dimensional team-building/ project management model. He is a long-standing Fellow (FRSA) of the UK’s Royal Society for the Arts.

Listening is, for Adrian, critical to the facilitation process, but equally so is ‘hearing’, hearing what may be unspoken, unvoiced, yet to be articulated… So, he will also bring his “quiet challenges” to the process, testing the waters while leaving the steering, the ultimate decision making, to those who will have to go back to their workplaces and implement them. He will bring commitment, energy and thoughtfulness to the process for you, along with a high degree of respect and professionalism.

 Skills set:

    • EQ and design-thinking approaches to engaging with clients and their contexts
    • Adept at working inclusively with individuals, small groups, team and across organisations
    • Developing leadership capability, established and emerging, at all levels in businesses and organisations
    • Organisational development and change management – refreshed and new directions
    • Skill set development, effective team working, succession planning
    • Unlocking individual and organisational insights
    • Openness and inclusivity throughout the process, and ultimately…
    • Outcomes that are SMART, and owned by the client