An external facilitator can contribute significantly to you achieving your MeetOUTCOME.



Many off-site sessions go wrong because people use an in-house person from their own company as  facilitator. It’s not necessarily that there’s anything ‘wrong’ with the in-house facilitator, its just that they are, well, in-house.

Whether your facilitator is in-house or external, they are responsible for the ‘how of the meeting’ – the process of how you will be achieving what you seek, and this is where the objectivity of an external person can pay dividends. They help you to keep to the path.

An external facilitator can bring several major benefits:

  • Unbiased objectivity – they are not a part of your politics and they have no reason to be biased
  • Outside the square thinking – they are not necessarily a part of your industry and they are not a part of your normal team thinking; they bring fresh critical eyes
  • No sacred cows – many teams have things that are not said or issues that tend to be avoided, the facilitator helps them to surface
  • Level playing field – they are professionals at bringing people into the conversation and unlike when the owner or a senior manager runs the session, it does not sometimes inhibit full participation and buy-in to the result
  • No negative agendas – people within the team often have agendas even if they don’t realise it, an outside person doesn’t.
  • Leaders can play – an outside facilitator makes it easier for the boss to be a contributor without unduly influencing
  • Success – the outside facilitator is a professional and all-in-all, can help ensure a greater probability of success

Not sure about an external facilitator? A talented and  professional internal facilitator can bring a different set of benefits:

  • Local knowledge – they may have in-depth local knowledge about the issue being discussed, or conform to the culture of the group
  • Historical context – they need to have an understanding of the history and context
  • Relationship understanding – they understand stakeholder or participant relationships
  • Cost – They are usually less expense in direct costs, although their time still has a cost

MeetOUTCOME works with a strict selection of external facilitators. Together they have a range of complimentary skills sets, personalities, and experiences.

At MeetOUTCOME we’re not about ‘thinking about it’, we’re about taking focused and considered action to get outcomes…

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