Our Values

Why is MeetOUTCOME different?

We facilitate the achievement of your MeetOUTCOME.

We’re focused on bringing together what you need so that you can focus where you need to be – on your team and the outcome you desire.

What MeetOUTCOME do you desire?

We have the expertise and networks  to deliver all services for off-sites in our Kāpiti region.

  • No organising, no hassle – we do it all.
  • Choose what works for you – we have access to almost everything
  • You get the venues, facilitators and providers for the outcome you need. Fit for purpose. No more, no less.
  • You’ll get access to everything you need through our contacts and local knowledge.
  • You set the budget – we deliver the quality level you desire.
  • Get an off-site that is different and interesting, but just as easy for you as going to an single ‘all-in-one’ venue.
Like the idea of getting away from the hustle to Kapiti with the team to make some progress, but put off because the ‘all-in-one lodge’ style is not what you want?
  • We have no lodge, no accommodation, no set meals, and no set activities. No substantial overheads at all in fact.
  • So, we are free to listen to what you’d like and then build the MeetOUTCOME to suit you.
  • Win-Win– Our clients, our partners and our team are all important and we will strive to find the way where everyone wins and thrives.
  • Deliver – Promises kept – We do our very best to deliver what we say we will do. If we can’t do it, we won’t say we can.
  • Honesty –  In everything we do. We tell it how it is. We’re up front about issues and we take ownership.

In return we ask that our customers and supplier/partners are up front about what is important to them, and deal with us fairly and honestly.

We also ask that when you are happy with what you have received, you pass the word to others who may benefit from a MeetOUTCOME too! Thank you.

If you love what you have read here, absolutely share our values, are entrepreneurial and have a fantastic network in your area of NZ, please contact us. We operate on a licencing model.

Is it time for you to act?

Push the button, answer some simple questions, and we can talk about what you want to achieve from your MeetOUTCOME…