Dick van den Oever

Directing on stage, directing on camera, scripting, event & symposia production. Sparring partner for innovative use of new or combined techniques for meetings.

Dick + yellow bar

My interest fields are far and wide, I enjoy cultures and languages, food and wine, travel, sports, politics, environmental awareness and music. I have a great interest in communicational media, music, film and media. I like brainstorming and idea catching, am able to think ‘out of the box’ and relate to people on all levels. Humour is important for me as well as relating well.

Specialties: I am experienced in video production, production and directing events and symposiums and am a talent director. As the European importer of the ZING  multikeyboard brainstorm & decision tool and Primoforum, I train and facilitate meetings and am driven by the OUTCOME that brings people together to perform better, with a better result and an attitude changed towards the positive.

LinkedIN logo https://nz.linkedin.com/in/dickvandenoever

Skills Set:

  • Change-environment creator
  • Brainstorm facilitator
  • Presentation expert
  • Stance and engagement tutor
  • Team collaboration advocate