Create a high achieving team with MeetOUTCOMES

If you’ve got a challenge. If you need your team to solve it. Then we have the answer.

Our highly skilled, experienced MeetOUTCOME facilitators can help you and your team work to whatever outcome you decide. You can select from a number of different options to provide a satisfying and rewarding off-site experience.

We will take you through all the options making it easy for you to achieve a successful team outcome.

Options include team challenges, understanding and working with different personalities, working as a successful team utilizing individual skills and differences, goal setting, effective communications and productivity workshops.

Explore ideas Create solutions

We can help your team create a powerful strategy for success. You can use our MeetOUTCOME facilitators processes or your organisations. From half day to multi-day sessions, we can take your team from idea to a strategy for success complete with action plans to achieve it within your timeframes.

We will get your team excited about the possibilities:

  • Blue sky thinking to strategic plan
  • Organisational change management
  • New product, project or campaign
  • Stakeholder engagement plan
  • Targeted training to make top teams

Let’s put things into the right focus – after your off-site, what do you want to have ACHIEVED:

Aligned TeamYour team are on the same page and working productively together with ‘buy-in’. We can workshop your team so they better understand each other and work together. Options include team games, understanding personality types, working together, goal setting, communication, bonding activities.





Strong outcomes




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Powerful Strategy & Plans – Your team off-site produces an empowering strategy that will take you forward. We can facilitate the development of your strategy and/or plans. Options include using MeetOUTCOME facilitators processes or your own if you have one. We can facilitate shorter sessions, or multi-day plannings where your team is stepped through the key strategic planning elements.

Opportunities CreatedYou are all excited about the valuable opportunities created at the off-site. From blue-sky thinking to product or market opportunities and plans.

Ideas DevelopedYou brought an idea to your MeetOUTCOME and now its much more concrete and your team is excited about it. What type of idea do you need to work on? A new product, new marketing idea or perhaps a joint venture  where the parties need to get away together.

Solutions Found – Your team tackled an important challenge or series of challenges, and found solutions.

Stakeholders AlignedYour stakeholders feel empowered and you are aligned around common understandings and goals.

Well Trained TeamYour team covered important training topics and came back from the off-site more productive than when it left a few days previously. Sales training, employee inductions, or specific industry skills you need them to have, we can facilitate the MeetOUTCOME you seek.

We can’t list everything that is possible. So, tell us what you need to achieve.

At MeetOUTCOME we’re not about ‘thinking about it’, we’re about taking focussed and considered action to get outcomes …

Is it time for you to act?

Click this button to find out more, answer some simple questions, and we can talk about what you want to achieve from your MeetOUTCOME…