Teambuilding releases staff’s hidden potentials

How team building days can save your business money.

Last month we held one of our company team building away days… We hold these a couple of times a year, and on this occasion we headed out to the Pelorus River for a spot of kayaking with the good folk at Pelorus Eco Adventures.

It was a cold winter’s day, yet we all stayed dry and a fun time was had by all!


Now you may wonder why we’re blogging about this, after all our team building adventure couldn’t possibly have anything to do with your business, could it?

Well actually it could… Here at Johnston Associates South, we “walk the walk” and lead by example. We’d recommend these types of events to all businesses, large or small; because your employees and staff are your organisation’s valuable assets, and a day spent away from the office, focused on team building has proven benefits.

In your workplace you’ll likely find that you and your staff are so busy doing what they do, that as a manager you don’t necessarily have time to find out what they’re capable of doing or what other skills they may have that would enable them to take on other roles and responsibilities within your organisation.

Of course, through your appraisal process, you may have noticed that a staff member needs to develop in certain areas; a team building day or event, is the perfect opportunity to foster and develop that staff member; outside of the office environment, you reduce the pressure on that individual and allow them to grow in confidence and realise their capabilities.

There are clear financial benefits of introducing these types of away days into your corporate calendar, in the long term it can save you money. You will find that your company develops good team dynamics and a contented workforce who stay loyal, this will reduce staff turnover and save money on recruitment and training of new staff.

Here’s a short list of some of the other benefits of team building days.

  • Improves morale and leadership skills
  • Breaks down barriers to creativity
  • Taps into hidden potential
  • Identifies a team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Improves problem solving
  • Defines objectives and goals
  • Improves processes, procedures and ultimately productivity

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